Oral Surgery in London, ON

dentist providing video viewing services on back of her teeth for a female patient

We offer a wide range of oral surgery treatments: removal of impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth, is a common reason we may recommend oral surgery. This is important to your overall oral care, to help maintain healthy teeth and to relieve pain that may result.

Why Might I Need Oral Surgery?

There are several dental conditions that require the expertise of an oral surgeon to treat successfully. These include:

Wisdom teeth extraction –  Removal of some or all of the third molars, usually as a result of impaction, is a common surgical procedure.

Other tooth impaction – For some patients, there simply isn’t enough space to accommodate all teeth, so to relieve the pressure and prevent further damage, we recommend removal of impacted teeth.

Dental implants – To replace broken or missing teeth, patients may be offered a permanent alternative to bridges and dentures.

Is Oral Surgery Painful?

Before your procedure begins, we will ensure that the area in which we’re working has been numbed with a local anesthetic. We’ll also check in with you during surgery to make sure you’re not in pain. After the procedure, you may feel pain or sensitivity as the anesthetic wears off, but a low dose of regular painkillers can help.

Will I Feel Anxious?

It’s no secret that some people do experience anxiety when in the dentist’s chair. We have many options to help you through oral surgery, including nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation, particularly if you are anxious about your upcoming procedure. We’re also happy to explain any aspect of your procedure to help you feel more confident about surgery.

Call us today to discuss options to ensure you have a pain-free and relaxing experience.

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