Digital radiography provides instant results and safer, more efficient x-ray images. Our dental team will see your images immediately on a computer screen, and your exposure to radiation is drastically reduced. Panoramic images are also possible through this technology, capturing the entire mouth in one single flat image, for a single view of all your teeth and your jaw.


This camera wand allows the doctor to have easy access to the inside of your mouth at any angle, delivering both video and still photography. The clear, high-resolution images offer unparalleled clarity and detail, and can help both dentist and patient clearly see what issues exist and what treatments are necessary.


Already popular in Europe, electric handpieces are quickly picking up popularity in North America. Compared to the typical air-driven units, these handpieces allow the dentist to deliver a quieter, more precise experience for the patient. This technology offers higher torque and less wobble, so services can be performed with more comfort, efficiency and speed. Attachments may be used for crowns, veneers, decay removal, polishing and endodontics and implants.


The 3Shape TRIOS Dental Intraoral Scanner is a wireless camera that helps to capture a digital impression directly in the mouth and can be shown to the patient immediately. There are many benefits to the technology including a quick and more comfortable experience (no more goopy putty and traditional impression material). The digital scanner is able to immediately show a 3D impression of a patient’s teeth on a screen and makes it easier to explain recommended treatment.

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